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On the night of October 21, our dear Israel Ashkenazi passed away. The sorrow for this event is only marginally relieved by the fact that he was (in the words of his son Odi) "vibrant and vivid until the last few hours"; and let me testify that until the last couple of days he kept enlightening correspondence with people around the world, sharing thoughts, knowledge, and sentiments with colleagues and friends that neither long time lapses or far-off places could separate from him.

Everybody knows that Israel was a great scientist, a pioneer in chronobiology who contributed precious advancements routinedly utilized thereafter by hundreds of researchers. Moreover and more importantly, the results of his lifelong engagement in research lead to important practical knowledge, so that today literally millions of people around the world are taking advantage of his scientific contributions. A time will come soon to remember the Scientist and all the details of his great work.

Today, however, we simply stand still in astonishment and sorrow for the loss of a great man, an incredible number of dear memories passing through our minds, indelible traces he impressed in our hearts and souls with the warmth, understanding and influence of his character.

We are all bidding you farewell, Israel. As for myself, I hope to meet you again one day, because your place in my heart will never be replaced.

Francesco Portaluppi, President of the ISC