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Pasquali V. and Renzi P. (2005). On the use of microwave radar devices in chronobiology studies: an application with Periplaneta Americana. Behavior Research Methods, vol 37, n 3, pp. 522-527. ISSN 1554-351X

Pasquali V., Renzi P., Lucarelli M. and Sbordoni V. (2005). A chronobiological approch to the study of the locomotor activity in genus dolichopoda (insecta : orthoptera). Preliminary observations on the populations of natural and artificial cave. Subterranean Biology, vol. 3, pp 49-55. ISSN 1768-1448

Pasquali V., Scannapieco E. and Renzi P. (2006). Validation of a microwave radar system for the monitoring of locomotor activity in mice. Journal Circadian Rhythms, vol. 4, 7. ISSN 0563-3745

L. Colognesi, V. Pasquali, A. Fo?, P. Renzi, F. Bernardi, C. Bertolucci, M. Pinotti (2007).  Temporal variations of coagulation factor vii activity in mice are influenced by lighting regime. Chronobiology International, 24(2): 1-9. ISSN 0742-0528; I.F. 2.472

Alberto Ugolini, Silvia Somigli, Vittorio Pasquali, Paolo Renzi (2007). Locomotor activity rhythm and sun compass orientation in the sandhopper Talitrus saltator are related. Journal of Comparative Physiology  A, in press. ISSN: 0340-7594 (print version) - 1432-1351 (electronic version); I.F. 1.751