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Orhan Uludag,1 Bahar Tunctan,1 Sedat Altug,1 Hakan Zengil,2 and Nurettin Abacioglu. Twenty-Four-Hour Variation Of L-Arginine/Nitric Oxide/Cyclic Guanosinemonophosphate Pathway Demonstrated By Themouse Visceral Pain Mode.  Chronobiology International, 24(3): 413–424, (2007)

Sedat Altug a; Orhan Uludag a; Bahar Tunctan ab; Iclal Cakici ac; Hakan Zengil d; Nurettin Abacioglu. Biological Time-Dependent Difference in Effect of Peroxynitrite Demonstrated by the Mouse Hot Plate Pain Model. Chronobiology International, 23(3): 583–591, (2006)

Haluk Alagol, Soykan Dinc, Bilgen Basgut, Nurettin Abacioglu. Temporal variation in the recovery from impairment in adriamycin-induced wound healing in rats. Journal of Circadian Rhythms 2007, 5:6 (10 October 2007)