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Chronobiology International - Special Issue on Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 13:03






Ludger Rensing, former Editor-in-Chief of Chronobiology International and active member of the Society, has passed away Monday, March 11, 2013, at the age of 80 years. All of us who have had the opportunity of knowing him, appreciating his scientific contributions, taking advantage of the years of continuous service he has assured to the our community of researchers, and last -but not least- his gifts of deep and warm humanity. The Board Members of the ISC, in the name of the Society, express our deepest condolences and sympathy to his family, friends, and colleagues.


Israel Ashkenazi passed away PDF Print E-mail

On the night of October 21, our dear Israel Ashkenazi passed away. The sorrow for this event is only marginally relieved by the fact that he was (in the words of his son Odi) "vibrant and vivid until the last few hours"; and let me testify that until the last couple of days he kept enlightening correspondence with people around the world, sharing thoughts, knowledge, and sentiments with colleagues and friends that neither long time lapses or far-off places could separate from him.

Everybody knows that Israel was a great scientist, a pioneer in chronobiology who contributed precious advancements routinedly utilized thereafter by hundreds of researchers. Moreover and more importantly, the results of his lifelong engagement in research lead to important practical knowledge, so that today literally millions of people around the world are taking advantage of his scientific contributions. A time will come soon to remember the Scientist and all the details of his great work.

Today, however, we simply stand still in astonishment and sorrow for the loss of a great man, an incredible number of dear memories passing through our minds, indelible traces he impressed in our hearts and souls with the warmth, understanding and influence of his character.

We are all bidding you farewell, Israel. As for myself, I hope to meet you again one day, because your place in my heart will never be replaced.

Francesco Portaluppi, President of the ISC

Prof. Tom Reilly, of Liverpool John Moores University, passed away PDF Print E-mail

Tom was unique.

He was a very private man who was universally respected and admired by all.  He was a deeply compassionate and loyal man, profoundly interested in the development of others before himself.  His intellectual powers knew no boundaries, providing deep insights into the worlds of philosophy, literature and the use of English language.  But, outside his family, his passions were science (particularly kinanthropometry-on which he completed writing a textbook in the last week!), Everton, Everton,  Football  in general (many codes but mainly the round ball shape) and Ireland.  He was a voracious reader and writer and his motivation and dedication to acquire and disseminate knowledge appeared endless.

He applied his bountiful energy in the realm of academic leadership, both within and outside this institution.  He was the first ever Professor of Sports Science in the UK, and helped forge the rich heritage of sport and exercise scientific study at Liverpool Polytechnic, LJMU and beyond. As his reputation of excellence grew, his influence extended Nationally and Internationally, leading many initiatives and effecting change in policy and practice in many esteemed organisations.  Perhaps the most profound legacy has been his mentoring of staff and postgraduate students (his self-titled "Liverpool Mafia") that now exert significant ripples of influence across all walks of society, but particularly within HE.  In this way, over the years, he has been responsible for germinating the seeds of our young discipline.

But despite these powerful academic credentials, Tom will remain in my mind as a very warm, intensely caring and very humorous inpidual, whose eye always had a twinkle.

Tim Cable


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