Committees of the ISC

The Board of the ISC proudly announce the establishment of several committees to promote the activities of the Society. The committees and their composition are:

Task Force on Hypertension of the ISC

The task force will pursue any activity apt to foster a time-aware approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of arterial hypertension.

The members are:

  • Ramón C. Hermida, Chairperson
  • Ziyan Zhao, member
  • Francesco Portaluppi, member

Education Committee

The members are:

  • Luis Menna-Barreto (Brazil), Chairperson
  • Frida Fischer (Brazil), member
  • Dilip Joshi (India), member
  • Lee Di Milia (Australia), member

Publication Committee

The members are:

  • Dietmar Weinert (Germany), Chairperson
  • Abraham Haim (Israel), member
  • Akio Fujimura (Japan), member
  • Yvan Touitou (France), member
  • Michael Smolensky (USA), member

Membership Committee

The members are:

  • Ziyan Zhao (P.R. China), Chairperson
  • Hakan Zengil (Turkey), member
  • Martin Young (USA), member