Joining the ISC

Dear Person

We thank you for your wish to join the ISC. Please read the ISC policy regarding membership dues and fill the registration form.

Paid members will be able to obtain special subsctiption rate for CI, as well as enjoy special reduced registration fees for ISC courses, Symposia and conferences.

Only paid members will be able to be elected to or vote for the ISC board.

Looking forward to receive your registration form we wish you all the best and a pleasant season.

The ISC Board

Registration form

To facilitate your registration please complete the following registration form and send it to the ISC.

ISC membership dues 2015

Dear ISC member:

Your ISC membership fee for 2015 is now due for payment. The amount due is 45 euros for regular members and 20 euros for student members. Higher fees, on a voluntary basis, are always accepted and welcome. Please make your payment (remember, in euros) as soon as possible.

Bank Transfer

Account name: Chronobiology Society
Account number: 2080-0349-81-3040011003
Bank name: ABANCA
IBAN: ES07-2080-0349-8130-4001-1003
Bank identification code (Swift No.) CAGLESMMXXX

Additional information, in case it is needed to make the payment:

Bank address:
Urbana 8
Paxonal, 79
Santiago de Compostela
15702 - SPAIN

ISC address:
Bioengineering & Chronobiology Labs.
E.I. Telecomunicacion
Vigo (Pontevedra)
36310 - SPAIN

Your transfer should clearly indicate "Your name - ISC fee". Any fee for such transfer must be charged to the payer (i.e., the ISC member), not to the Society. Please make sure of this with your local bank when you order the transfer. Please send confirmation of your payment, clearly indicating your name, to the ISC Secretary.