Terms and conditions


The ISC computerized site ("the site") makes it possible to any surfer to view the information contained in the sections specified in the upper menu (horizontal line) of the site. Only registered members are allowed and have the authority to access and use the interactive sections specified in the side menu (vertical column) of the site. The service offered on the site is subject to and conditional upon users' agreement to these rules.

Use of the site indicates the user's formal agreement to these rules and to the privacy policy contained herein.

These rules are written in the masculine solely for the sake of convenience and they relate equally to both men and women.

In these rules the following expressions shall have the following meanings:

  • "information" means any material or information that appears on the site in any medium, including text, pictures, illustrations, graphics, ...
  • "authorized user" means a registered ISC member.


Conditions For The Information's Use

  1. The user undertakes to use the information and the services offered on the site in accordance with the requirements of law and subject to the site's conditions and regulations.
  2. The user and/or the authorized user may not permit any third party to use the information for or without consideration.
  3. Unless specific permission was granted, the information shall not be used for the purposes of profit or for any other commercial purposes and shall not be stored on other Internet sites.
  4. The information shall not be altered, edited or processed.
  5. The authorized user undertakes strictly to safeguard the information contained in the sections permissible for the use of the authorized use and to take all precautions necessary to avoid its loss or coming into the possession of another person.


Limitation Of Liability

The service is offered to the user and authorized user "as is" and the Company shall not bear any liability for its suitability for the user's needs or purposes.

The ISC is not responsible for the content of the information or for any use that is made of it. Before reliance upon any information, it is suggested that the information be independently checked.

The user and "authorized user" hereby acknowledges that the ISC and the editors of the site are not liable for any direct or indirect use of the service that he makes and that he is solely liable for any use of the service that he makes.

The user should be aware that there might be flaws, errors and inaccuracies in the information and the way in which it is transmitted to the user.

The information published on the site includes information that is published by authorized users of the site. The ISC and site editors are not liable for the information or views published by users, which are not published on behalf of the ISC. The ISC and ISC site editors will bear no liability for information, announcements or offers published on the site by illegal activity of users or by authorized users, or for any consequence deriving as a result of the use of that information.

The ISC, including its directors, employees and all those acting on its behalf, shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to the user, authorized user or any third party by use of the information or its content or by the cancellation or interruption of the service, including because of disruptions or faults in the transmission of the information, whether caused willfully by any third party or by reason of any malfunction.

The gist (announcements, pictures, files of different types, connections, texts and all other information) introduced into the ISC site by authorized users should not have a sexual expressive character, threaten, racial, slander, encouraging to the implementation of incitement, violations, either criminal or civilian, hurt the privacy, harmful, hurt the feelings of the public. Likewise it is forbidden to insert gist of commercial character and/or information of any advertising and/or gist which contains computer viruses.

The ISC site editors are to refuse to publish any gist or to erase any gist which in their opinion violates the rules or is irrelevant to the purpose and aims of the ISC site.

The ISC reserves its right to alter the terms and conditions for the use of the site from time to time at its absolute discretion. Any such alteration will obligate users from the moment it is published on the site.

The site editors may block the service without notice insofar as the user has used the services contrary to the law or the provisions of these rules.

It is hereby expressed that only the provisions of these rules will obligate the ISC.