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Nicholas Mrosovsky passed away

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is with deep personal regret that I inform you that Nicholas Mrosovsky, loving husband of Sara Shettleworth, died peacefully on Sunday, February 22, after a long illness. Nicholas Mrosovsky FRSC had been associated with the University of Toronto since 1967 and was Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Zoology (now EEB & CSB) and Physiology. Nicholas was part of the chronobiology research community for over 40 years, as well as pursuing important research endeavours on the environmental physiology and conservation of sea turtles. Nicholas’ contributions to chronobiology included seminal studies on the role of masking by light, mechanisms of circadian photoreception, and nonphotic entrainment of the mammalian clock. He is well known for his impeccable scholarship for which he was awarded a prestigious Killam Fellowship from the Canada Council for the Arts in 1994.

Our hearts go out to Sara and her children.

Martin Ralph

The Recent History of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Overy C and Tansey E M. (eds) (2014)
Wellcome Witnesses to Contemporary Medicine, vol. 51. London: Queen Mary, University of London.

29th Conference of the International Society for Chronobiology


Dear ISC Member,

The ISC Board opens the request for proposals to organize the 29th Conference of the International Society for Chronobiology, to be held in 2016.

Chronobiology International - Special Issue on Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring




Letter of the President of the ISC


Dear ISC members,

The International Society for Chronobiology (ISC) is back to full activity and has just elected its new Board. This is the strongest support I can imagine for the traditional good wishes we exchange among Chronobiologists -many of us also longtime personal friends- at the end of a year, looking forward to a bright future.

Letter of the immediate past President of the ISC


Dear ISC members,

Being the immediate past-President of our society, let me be the first to congratulate the new President and the other Board members being elected.